"In benchmark testing conducted by French site MacGeneration [Google Translate], the entry-level 2.2GHz 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM and 256GB of storage lived up to Apple's claims, demonstrating impressive read/write speeds that topped out at 2GB/s and 1.25GB/s, respectively, in QuickBench 4.0."

ДВА гигаБАЙТА в секунду, Карл.

Enjoy your last days of existence, fellow measly meatbags ;)

"But one of the key implications of Wissner-Gross’s paper is that this long-held assumption may be completely backwards — that the process of trying to take over the world may actually be a more fundamental precursor to intelligence, and not vice versa.

“We may have gotten the order of dependence all wrong,” he argues. “Intelligence and superintelligence may actually emerge from the effort of trying to take control of the world — and specifically, all possible futures — rather than taking control of the world being a behavior that spontaneously emerges from having superhuman machine intelligence.”

Instead, says Wissner-Gross, from the rather simple thermodynamic process of trying to seize control of as many potential future histories as possible, intelligent behavior may fall out immediately."

Linux as a desktop. Yeah, right.

Дочь захотела посмотреть, что такое люних. Поставили ей последнюю убунту в виртуалку.

Если ОНИ верят, что ЭТО - десктопная ОС в 2014-м году, то я - Карл Маркс. Пиздец и немцы.

3d напечатать за разумные деньги?

Други, кто в курсе - а есть сервизы, чтобы напечатали 3д модельку (120мм длиной, 5х4 в сечении) из чёрного пластика, за разумные деньги? А то я что-то дешевле 75 зелёных (с пересылкой) не смог найти. :(